publication, 2023

80 pages, 9 x 12 inches
Layflat binding
Offset printed in an edition of 300

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***Special Edition***
  • Hand silk-screened two-color book jacket on archival Stonehenge Legion 90lb paper, 30 x 12 inches
  • Surprise print of the artist’s own profile picture custom mounted on 4x6 mirrored acrylic
  • Signed and numbered in an edition of 20

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Gaze juxtaposes self representation with external perception in the realms of image and desire.

This intimate series explores the slices of identity inherent to being online in our contemporary landscape. Spreads across pages pair 8x10 portraiture with images from the sex-positive dating app Feeld that the artist’s friends, flings, lovers, and collaborators chose for their profiles.

While the selfies, body shots, and memes of profile pics display a familiar lexicon of iPhone modes, the large-format photographs offer a deadpan vulnerability. A translucent veil of text mediates between sides of the page and subjects’ selves, revealing the gaps between expectations and realities.

Featuring interviews investigating what we communicate about ourselves in image and how we consume the images of others; introduction by Jamila Malik; poetry by Christian Michael Filardo.

Dianne Weinthal, 2023
Los Angeles, California